No threats to Harsha de Silva- CID informed

The Criminal Investigations Department (CID) has officially notified the Speaker of Parliament that SJB MP Dr. Harsha de Silva does not face any threats to his life, rendering an investigation into the matter unnecessary.

On Friday, June 7, Public Security Minister Tiran Alles instructed IGP Deshabandu Tennakoon to direct the CID to investigate alleged threats against the opposition parliamentarian. This directive followed Dr. de Silva's claims during a parliamentary session that he was receiving threats due to his inquiry into the controversy surrounding the new visa issuance system.

Dr. de Silva, who serves as the Chair of the Committee of Public Finance (COPF), had posted on 'X' (formerly Twitter) about facing intimidation and false accusations during the VFS inquiry. Despite these challenges, he reaffirmed his commitment to transparency and accountability, highlighting significant financial reforms accomplished under his oversight.

Subsequently, the CID informed Dr. de Silva of the need to record a statement regarding his claims. However, the MP clarified that his statement was made under parliamentary privilege. He expressed gratitude to the Minister of Public Security and the CID but reiterated that he had assured the Speaker there was no threat to his life at the time.

According to the Police Media Division, Dr. de Silva indicated that an investigation was unnecessary and that he would inform the authorities if the situation changed. Consequently, the CID has updated the Speaker of Parliament on this development.

The police release emphasized that, based on Dr. de Silva's response, no further action will be taken unless new information arises.