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New body to regulate three-wheelers in Sri Lanka

Minister of Transport and Highways, Bandula Gunawardana, announced during today's parliamentary session that the Attorney General has cleared the draft bill to amend the National Transport Commission Act. 

Gunawardana highlighted that while the National Transport Commission currently only regulates bus fares, the proposed amendments will extend its authority to include the regulation of school vans, three-wheelers, and other passenger transport vehicles. 

He stressed the importance of regulating three-wheelers due to their significant role in public transport.

"We recognize the crucial public service provided by three-wheelers, and effective regulation is necessary," said Gunawardana. He noted that the amendments to the Act are essential as the current legislation does not grant the necessary authority for such regulation.

The minister confirmed that the Attorney General’s Department has approved the draft bill, which will now be submitted to the Cabinet for approval. Following Cabinet approval, the bill will be gazetted before being presented to Parliament. 

Gunawardana also mentioned that the amendments would enable the installation of taxi meters in three-wheelers and the provision of receipts upon customer request, enhancing transparency and accountability in the sector.